Mixed Thoughts

Numbers are cascading
Flowing in endless stream
Flooding the columns
Gushing in the rows of my dreams


They whined and whined
But grabbed the dough then dined
More whines…more whines
Grab more dough for wine


Be not like anybody
Be the best that you can be
Hold the reins of destiny
Create a niche fit for thee


Poem’s a furnace
Where thoughts are forged
Verses are webs
Where dreams are caught


Feed not your dreams
To the beast called doubt
Fly high flap your wings
Go reach the clouds


Grapes of triumph taste sweet
If through hard work were reaped
Victory earned by deceit
A bitter fruit of greed


Hold your own barometer
When appraising your success
Set your own parameters
When defining happiness


If heights of fears you could scale
Against all odds you will prevail
If bout with doubts you could master
There’s nothing more you can’t conquer


In an ocean of white
We see black so tiny
Bad things we recognize
But the good we can’t see


Like the leaves in autumn
Some hope and dreams wither
Soon they’ll hit the bottom
Fateful wind blows them tither

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