About Love

Blow a whisper on the flicker
Cover it with dried leaves and twigs
Whisper till the flame grows taller
Let it burn your anguish and grief


Smiles as smooth and sweet like wine
They quench my thirst for love and care
Come fill my cups, the heart and mind
Redeem me from the gloomy snare


The long gloomy nights have died
When the sun rose in your lips
The wells of sorrow have dried
When your warm lips touched my cheeks


Your heart echoed a wrath so loud
You cried I left because I must
My eyes shed tears my friends deride
Why leave the one your heart desires


A poem’s a song that must be felt
The mind wouldn’t fathom its depth
Only the heart can scale its breadth
The mind’s too dumb to comprehend


Those beads streaming down your cheeks
Strike my heart like painful whips
Pains I wrought that wreak you tears
Twinges my soul causing me grief


The songs the wind breathes to my ear
Songs exhorted by Cupid’s cheers
In every note and rhyme I hear
Strains of our laughter and tears


There’s a wish I breathe to the wind
An appeal to the Lord my King
If to meet again we’re destined
May the glint of love go burning


In deep recessess of my mind
Our sweet memories are confined
In melodies balladeers hum
The beats of our hearts are entwined


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